About Dana Geissler

actors4business was founded by Peter Grünheid and myself in early 2020.

In our network we work together with numerous German and English speaking actors, who will prepare you for your online and offline performances. We provide online coaching and face-to-face seminars, offer ourselves as a play partner, give talks and shoot business portraits for you.

We are professionals on a mission to improve the presence and impact of your business.

My career path:

I am an actress, voice-actress and trainer.

I discovered my passion for acting as a child when I was part of an ensemble at the ‘ProT’, a children’s theater in Munich. After graduating from high school in 1983, I was admitted to the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, where I completed a four-year acting program. In 1995 I absolved further training at the Hollywood Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Later, in 1998, I did Camera Technique training with the American trainer MK Lewis and the image designer Sam Christenson. I have also been a certified social media manager since 2020.

As an actress, I’m known from multiple film and television productions such as ‘Die Wache’, ‘Rosamunde Pilcher’, ‘Tatort’, ‘SOKO Köln’, ‘Der letzte Bulle’ or ‘Um Himmels Willen’.

My work as an voice-actress can be found in numerous current audio books, cinema/TV dubbings and documentaries.


My focus as a trainer and coach:

As a business coach, I regularly hold online and offline seminars on the topics of body language, voice, effect, status and image. I also provide individual coaching sessions to prepare for media, professional or public appearances. I assisst board members, executives and employees of well-known companies with issues regarding personal leadership skills and conflict resolution.

Since 2011, I have been leading the group training sessions ‘Fit for Appearance’ and ‘Perceive status, Assume status – how to position yourself successfully’ – online and offline – for DZ BANK, Union Investment and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, among others. I also offer the seminar “Self-Presentation and Sovereignty” which is exclusively designed for women who want to carefully plan the next steps in their career.


As an online coach and social media manager, I regularly hold online seminars and talks on the topic of “Successful Presentations in Digital Media”. There and in individual coaching sessions I am sharing the knowledge and experiences that I have gathered working in front of the camera. Because if you follow the camera laws that matter, and practice interactively how to integrate PowerPoint into your web-meetings, you will lay the foundation for successful performance in front of the webcam. And you will feel much more comfortable in your home office, in customer meetings, in online meetings and conference calls with Zoom, Webex & Co.

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