About Peter Gruenheid

actors4business was founded by Dana Geissler and me in early 2020.

In our network we work together with numerous German and English speaking actors, who will prepare you for your online and offline performances. We provide online coaching and face-to-face seminars, offer ourselves as a play partner, give talks and shoot business portraits for you.

We are professionals on a mission to improve the online presence and impact of your business.

My career

I am a sociologist and innovation manager.
It was clear to me early on that I didn’t just want to be a visitor, I wanted to get involved behind the scenes. During my studies in Frankfurt/Main I worked as an assistant director and production manager. The staging of public spaces occupied me at the time and also later, when I was self-employed, I worked with artistic means in the areas of tension between the city, society and culture.
As a sociologist and ergonomist, I always employ an analytical and critical approach.

My focus :

For the past ten years I have been increasingly involved with issues concerning education. I see the digital transformation as a challenge and an opportunity to look at things in a new way and to break new ground.

I believe in technology that helps people to bring out the best in themselves and I believe in people who are confident and effective in doing things they are passionate about.

For me, the experienced handling of technology on the one hand and people on the other is one of the basic building blocks of future literacy.


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