Fit for Your Online Application

Preparation is key!

A large-scale survey of various companies has shown that in the future about 81% of all job interviews will be conducted online.

Previously, the perfect handshake, body language and personal charisma were fundamental for a successful first meeting, today the latest camera technology, professional lighting and the right framing have become the most important parameters for our mutal perception.

All too often we underestimate the effect that, for example, an ill-considered background has on our virtual counterpart.
How much do we want to tell about ourselves by allowing our audience a glimpse into our private home?
How can we positively shape our own image with a well thought-out background?
And how do I put myself in a ‘favorable light’?
Preparation is key. Not just in terms of composing your frame.
With us you will do exercises that you to assume sovereign and self-confident posture in front your computer.
We will give your voice the ‘pitch of certainty’.
We will show you how to open the ‘gateway to your soul’ with a focused look into the camera.
Are you going into your job interview with a well thought out structure?
Do you know exactly what you want? What are your conditions for accepting the new job?
What are your goals? Your expectations?
Get to know methods and acting techniques from our actors that will help you to achieve your goals with ease, charisma and confidence. Shift from a defensive to an offensive state through changes in your attitude and posture.
Duration: 90 minutes, online-coaching
Arrange a free preliminary meeting with us. Tell us about the challenges you are facing.
And we will make sure that you master them successfully.

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