Fit for Performance

Language – Movement – Effect

Optimization of the public appearance with the help of speaking techniques, an improved physical presence and the deliberate use of body language.

3-day seminar

Individual work with helpful speaking techniques for better articulation and vocal economy
Exploring emotional states while speaking
Expansion of the range of emotional expression, work on speech dynamics and modulation, and on adapting your pace to your listeners.
Training program for public appearances (presentation/lecture/talk)
Development of a posture that supports the speaking process
Perception and correction of your own body language signals, facial expressions and gestures
Exercises for the speaker to connect with his audience
Presentation in front of the group

Target Group
Employees who speak, lecture or present in public.
The focus is on learning a speaking technique, gaining self-awareness of and improve your own body language.


The willingness to engage physically and emotionally. The willingness to present in front of the group, to actively listen to the presentations of the other training participants and to accompany their work process critically but fairly. The willingness to be confronted with how you are being perceived by others.


Please bring your own presentation slides, documents and/or lectures from your professional practice.


Very practical – valuable tips for your ‘performance’.

A very good opportunity to reflect on and improve the things you do professionally every day. You get very good suggestions in terms of appearance, effect and what could still be improved, or feedback if something is already being used very well. The improvements could already be clearly seen in the seminar among all participants.

From my point of view, I learned a lot for my professional day-to-day…
Provides security in daily interactions with customers and colleagues, in small and large presentations as well as in conversation – Improves one’s own awareness of appearance and effect a lot – Very pleasant, understandable and professional transfer of knowledge.

Very practical – valuable tips for your ‘performance’ – very effective training if you want to work on yourself and your effect on others.

Have benefited greatly; practical training; tips and methods that can actually be implemented; Small group, allowed sufficient practice for each participant; The trainer was able to create a pleasant work atmosphere and was competent.

The trainer did a great job conveying the topic, catered to all the participants and took their needs/requirements into account.

Very good cast for this type of seminar – highly competent trainer (actress!).

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