Perceivie Status – Assume Status

A colleague conveys a subordinate position to the outside, but internally follows a clear strategy and successfully implements it, despite apparent inferiority. Three colleagues are on the same level in terms of expertise and competence, but outsiders perceive a hierarchy between them, a power imbalance that has apparently established itself implicitly.

What is happening here?
Its the phenomenon of status.

Status has an effect in every situation. In private life, at work, in love. It determines what we accomplish. We recognize it intuitively. We read it from movements, facial expressions, voice, choice of words, body tension and much more. And although everyone naturally gravitates towards a preferred status, in almost every situation in which people communicate, the status is being renegotiated.
Most people are not aware of this.

But if you can consciously assume a status, change status levels and can recognize the status of others, you will excel in situations of communication and negotiation. Actors have trained this. And they will teach you.

In so called ‘status games’ we will practice changing status levels and teach you about the interaction between body language and attitude. Free your self from your automatic behaviors by playing through specific examples from your everyday work. Find out what image you portray and how to use and shape it depending on the situation. Use the body language of sovereignty – like actors do – which allows you to operate more purposefully, more effectively and with more impact.

After attending this seminar, participants are able to repeatedly redefine their status in any situation through posture, words, voice and gestures. They learn how to consciously use their communicative and personal potential in order to achieve their goals with charm and confidence. In practical exercises you will learn how you can increase your own performance in a way that is sustainable, remain authentic and reduce potential stress factors.

3-day seminar

  • Recognize your own status behaviors and perceive them in others
  • Exercises on the different statuses
  • Recognizing and increasing self-worth and using it profitably
  • Working with actors on personal strategies for success
  • Learning techniques to position yourself confidently and as a team player

Target Group
Employees and managers who want to work on their effectiveness in negotiations, presentations and meetings, leadership, sales talks and public appearances in order to be able to act more confidently and with more opportunities.

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