Sovereignty and Self-Presentation

Are you ready for female power?

Then design your image and discover your unique personal selling points,
unlock your full potential and let us help you to more sovereignty and self-confidence in your position of leadership.

Work with us on your professional appearance in front of colleagues, employees and managers, and tell us
your personal success story. Make yourself visible for the next step-up in your career.

2-day seminar

We prepare you for the upcoming challenges in your career.
Through exercises on voice, body language and attitude, and through improvised reenactments of your everyday work situations, you will learn, in cooperation with professional actors, how to see through power, competition and status games in the future, but also how to play along confidently. Practice your presence in front of the webcam with us so that you also portray a good ‘image’ in video meetings and conferences. Put yourself in good lighting and be your own director. Allow yourself the success factor ‘rattling is part of it’ (… and look forward to leave your male colleagues behind in the dust).

Target Group

Exclusively for women in leadership positions
in typical business situations:

  • Presentations and meetings
  • Online conferences and conversations
  • Public appearances, events (small talk situations)
  • Negotiations, applications
  • Conflicts
  • Goal setting and achieving


“I particularly liked how it was tailored to female employees. We women have special topics that we can only address in a purely women’s group. Many small tips with a very big impact, which were conveyed in a very practical way. I also really liked the fact that the trainer dealt with the personal individual issues extremely well and at the same time did not lose sight of the group as a whole. The instructions for the interaction of the participants (first impression via index cards) incl. the follow-up via telephone were very good.”

“The training was extremely entertaining, exciting, useful and also funny.”

“Helpful, both personally and professionally, for dealing with colleagues/customers/supervisors. Anyone can discover potential for further development if they are willing to work on themselves.”

“Individual consideration of each participant and possibility to reenact own professional situations – 8 was an optimal number of participants.”

“It was just perfect. Great content, great trainer, what I learned can be put into practice immediately. More of this!!!”

“Through the feedback and the analysis of the other participants you get a good impression of your weaknesses and strengths. The trainer is very funny and can adapt perfectly to the participants and she does not stop until everyone made improvements. There is more than enough time for each participant. Homework or exercises to take home are also provided.”

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