Webcam and Power Point

Individual presentation training on your computer from your home office

Transform your PowerPoint presentation into a real experience with the help of the webcam.

We all know it: you stand in front of an audience and just work your way from slide to slide through your PPT presentation. Instead of fascinating our listeners, we offer them ‘supervised reading’ – and thus bore our customers with cluttered slides and boring graphics.

Imagine you could simply present from the comfort of your own home and actually have fun while your doing it? If you could skilfully use this medium to dramaturgically support your message? If you use the freedom to present your most important information “from the off”, because from now on YOU determine when your listener looks at you or at your prepared slides.

How about feeling more confident in your online presentation by having a well formulated structure? Show your strong and relaxed self to the audience, via webcam, for your introductory greeting, when presenting a strong argument or for your closing remarks.

A successful presentation from your computer – in front of the webcam – can sometimes be even easier than actually standing in front of a live audience.

We, actors, teach you our tricks, how to structure your content in a way thats exciting and keep your audience facinated, with the help of a few simple techniques. Because the success of your presentation is not only dependent on its content but also on the feelings that it evokes in your audience. We can feel it when others feel at ease.

A 90-minute online coaching, in which we prepare you – based on your own individual PPT presentation – for your successful performance. We are excited to work with you!

For prices, offers and packages for you and your employees, please contact us:

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