Talk: Image Design – Brand Yourself

Anyone who wants to remain competitive today and increase their personal “value” must know how they are perceived, what they stand for, strengthen their “reputation” and use all this knowledge approriately.

What is the first impression we make on people we have just meet? How do we actually form our first impression? What signals do we send or receive in verbal and non-verbal communication?

What image do I possess – or would I like to convey – and how can I create a unique selling point from the knowledge of my effect? How do I brand myself?

We tent to act, instead of react and then wonder why we don’t have control over our impression on others. People who can consciously use their image, status, body language, voice and attitude will perform better in all situations involving communication, leadership, presentation, presence and negotiation.

I would like to illuminate these topics in my 90-minute lecture and – with the help of a few practical exercises – motivate you to take new approaches when it comes to your image.

I look forward to meeting you!

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