Talk: Professional Social Media for Companies


Successful companies need strong teams, active sales partners and, of course, customers who are willing to pay. But these contacts can no longer be established effectively through newspaper ads, radio ads, or mail. Today a higher level of proximity is required. Being good at telling stories. And all of this from your smartphone.
Companies today need to operate digitally in many ways to save costs. Social media is at the core of this in current times. Because it is free and the advertising space is affordable even for small companies.

This lecture is divided into three parts and unleashes the creativity of implementation. Only those who have understood the basic concepts of producing content for social media will later be able to lead teams in this area.

1. Attention as Currency
We look at examples of how companies have garnered attention for a variety of goals.
2. Digital Storytelling
What are the digital formats that companies can work with today? How do you maintain your entrepreneurial sovereignty? And how do you actually tell exciting stories on social media?
3. Production Studio for SME’s
Many companies think too long and produce too little, that is exactly what they should work on. With only five apps we can start our own social media production. No ducking away. Perfectionism can stay at home. Let’s go and get it done.

Target group: Corporate heads willing to make decisions and implement them, managing directors, marketing managers, sales decision-makers.

About: Sandra Staub

Born in 1982

3 years of experience as a journalist for different magazines

10 years of experience in social media marketing, both organic and promotional formats.

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