Voice of Success

Find your chest tone of conviction!

The voice underlines sovereignty.
High pitched voices are being perceived as less competent than low pitched voices. The speed of talking and our breathing managment reveal whether we are confident or insecure.
The voice shapes our appeal to others.
“The higher the level of education and life experience, the more important the voice becomes: it is second only to appearance! Among academics over the age of 50, the voice makes up 56 percent when determining the sympathy of others.
The voice makes presentations more impactful.

The right tone of voice plays a big role in the success of a presentation. Whether in person, digitally or by phone. This can be practiced.

In this 90-minute online coaching program, you will discover completely new facets of your voice interactively and directly on your computer. With voice exercises and text readings that are fun and give your voice a new-found strength.

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Participant reviews:

Hi Dana, I found out about this webinar from Sandra. And I have to say: the hour was well worth it. Good practical exercises and great impulses that transform our voice into a voice that is heard and appears confident – THANK YOU!

Hello Dana, Thanks for the very helpful tips on how to find your confident voice, from your middle. I learned a lot from the seminar already and – as we all know – practice makes perfect. Thanks again for this.

Dear Dana, I really enjoyed the workshop and there was sooo much I could take home. Thank you for your knowledge. Kind regards Sonja Gumze

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