Fit for Performance in Online Meetings

Negotiations, conferences, applications, presentations or customer meetings, all of these are increasingly being conducted via video calls. But hardly anyone knows how to use this medium to put themselves in the ‘best light’, how to have conversations ‘at eye level’ or how to present yourself confidently and charismatically on digital media.

Because those who follow simple camera laws generate self-confidence, appear more authentic, feel more comfortable and perhaps they will even start to enjoy this contemporary type of communication.

In this online training we will interactively prepare you for your appearances in front of the webcam, all from your computer in your home office.


We will work on your:

– Room layout
– Background
– Lighting
– Eye Contact
– Posture
– Sitting Position
– Voice
– Gestures / Facial Expressions
– Internal and External Attitude

Target Group

Executives, customer advisors and employees who want to prepare themselves and their workplace for a successful appearance in online meetings.

For prices, offers and packages for you and your company, please contact us:


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