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Talk: Online Meetings - Successful Self-presentation in Digital Media

"Negotiations, conferences, applications, presentations or customer meetings are increasingly being conducted from the home office via Skype or video calls. But hardly anyone knows the laws that rule in front of the camera. I want to change that!"

Talk: Professional Social Media for Companies

"How attention is a new type of currency for businesses and what you as an entrepreneur can do to acquire it.
Which media formats work and how to do social media marketing that is exciting.
It's easier than you think..."

Talk: The Focus is on the Human Being

"Digitization is often seen as a purely technical development.
However, it is much more about an attitude, the mindset. In my keynote speach
you will discover why mindsets are a central factor in the context of digitalization and New Work.

Talk: Decision Making Under Stress

"How stress and high pressure situations can affect our ability to make decisions and what we can do to counteract this. Insights and experiences from the cockpit paired with facts from science. The decision making matrix of pilots, tested in demanding situations, which can be applied to multiple domains."

Talk: Image Design - Know Who You Are and Brand Yourself

"Anyone who uses his body language, his voice and his attitude consciously,
gains an advantage in situations involving
communication, leadership, presentation, presence and negotiation. Only then are you able to present yourself as a brand."

Talk: Agility, The Solution to All Problems or Just a Placebo?

"Complexity, incomplete and changing information, as well as exponential growth of technological progress characterize our time. This requires companies to act and react quickly and with flexibility"

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