Talk: Online Meetings

Negotiations, conferences, applications, presentations or customer meetings are being conducted more and more frequently from the home office via Skype or video calls.

But hardly anyone knows the laws that govern in front of the camera.
And hardly anyone feels totally comfortable in front of the webcam.

I would like to change that with simple practical tips.

In my presentation I will answer the following questions:

Do I have a digital concept?
How do I create a background that complements my image and message, and what about proper lighting?
How much intensity should I give to my gestures and facial expressions?
What kind of attitude and posture should I adopt?
Is my seating position appropriate for the camera, do I appear active and present?
How can I control my effect on others when having an important conversation?
How do I reach a personal connection to my conversation partner online?
How do I handle a conference with a 360 degree camera?

In short: How do I generate a self-confident and charismatic presence in digital media?

As an actress with many years of filming experience, I show you in an entertaining and humorous talk, with practical exercises, how you can get the web cam to love you.

Book this talk online or offline for yourself, your team or your customers.

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