Agility, the Solution to All Problems or Just a Placebo?

The magic word on everyone’s lips right now is agility. It describes
a flexible approach to organizing incomplete and
changing information as a result of the enormous complexity of
modern projects and the structures of companies.

The digital transformation provides the technological basis for overcoming
the challenges mentioned. An answer is also needed
concerning the cooperation of people today. Key terms in this regard are
agile project management and in particular
‘Scrum’ and ‘Kanban’. Agility is, so to speak, one of the
operating systems of digital transformation.

But what exactly is meant with these terms? Is it worth it
for me to apply these concepts? What are my chances of success?
What changes will my organization face? Is the
context of my project correct? What does an agile transformation mean
for my employees? I will get faster and still increase
my quality?

These and many other questions will be discussed in my talk.

In conclusion, you will understand what is meant by agility and all its
facets. You will be familiar with all the
important terms, will have understood them completely and
how to apply them in practice.

In other words: we will shed light on the agile darkness of modern
project management.

On the basis of extensive theoretical foundations,
a wealth of practical experience in the implementation of
projects in heterogeneous environments and subject areas and
numerous training and coaching sessions in this area.
An exciting and demanding lecture awaits you,
garnished with some humor and
historical insights.

I look forward to you and your team. The lecture lasts 90 minutes.

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